Wednesday, September 2, 2009

The small collection of hat blocks I have amassed just this month

I already have several, but this month there seemed to be loads of hat blocks floating around eBay and Etsy at really low prices. Of these I managed to get my hands on 4 – shhhhh!


Left – 22” flat sided with asymmetric crown dome.
Centre back - 24” regular crown dome.
Centre front – 6” mini beret.
Right – Large beret. (this one arrived just this morning)


Cant wait to get working with them.

The mini beret turns out great -

DSC_6329 DSC_6335

And right now I’m working on the flat sided one after blocking a buckram base from it.


Lei said...

oh! i love this hat! i need it! how can i get one??

Liz said...

Hi Lei!
Thanks so much :)
You can buy it here: