Sunday, September 14, 2008

Working out how to crochet a mini hat...I'm stuck!

Ok, so today Im trying to figure out how to crochet a mini hat base, similar to the sinamay ones I've used before. Approx 11cm across with a light dome to the centre. I've either gotten too much of a dome too early and therefore it would stick out of the side of the head too far, or the dome starts off gently like I want it to, but then the edge seems to turn up and the piece between the crown centre and the edge dips down. I need to find that happy medium. I've been making it out of Bamboo yarn which can ctreate quite a nice stiff fabric. (Note to self: Get it in Black!) For the Domey version Ive been chaining 3, making a ring, dc x 10 in ring, 2 x dc in each st of nxt row, then do a 2nd dc in join st, then 1 x dc in each of nxt 4 st's, then 2 x dc in 5th st, repeat round ring, then on each row after add 1 to the single dc's ( so the next row has 5, then the next 6 etc, etc). The Turned Up one starts the same as the Domey one, then from the 3rd row I did, 2nd dc in join st, 1 x dc in nxt st, 2 x dc in nxt st, and repeat this all the was round, and then repeat on the next row, then the next etc. Hmmmm will keep on with differing combinations. There has to be one out there! I want to eventually make a mini beret but for now I want little capel style to wear on the side of the head like the 'Cool Girl' from Fridays 'Spot' embellished with self coloured sequins or rhinestones.

Omega Nylon Crochet Thread

The top pic is a shot of the reels and the lower shot is of a quick earring I made up quickly to try out the thread. The colours look a little flat and not very bright in the pics, but they are much more lux than this in real life!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

The product I'm loving today is....

Omega Crochet Nylon
I bought some rolls from a lady on Ebay and they arrived this week. Her shop name is: Novelty Quilt Fabric.
Its 100% Nylon thread that is made in Mexico. The roll has 275m/300yds on it so they will keep me going for some time. They have a really nice shiny lustre, perfect for jewellery items like earrings, necklaces and covering beads. I got size No. 2, I think it comes in different sizes too. The colours are really vivid, I have a roll of Lime, which is really limey, not wishy washy and yellowy like you sometimes get, it is colour no. 29, and I got my fave colour Mexican Rose, which is a really hot pink shade (colour no. 10). They look great put together as a contrast.
It works up really well, nice and smooth and the threads dont split.
Go check it out, let me know what you think!

Friday, September 12, 2008

Cool Person in a Hat Spot

Today while I was walking down Broome St, SoHo, NYC. I spotted a girl ahead of me, all in black and not a goth, with a cute little black beaded mini hat perched on the side of her head. It looked great with her fine blonde hair scrapped back in a knotty little bun just above the nape of her neck. Great way to cover up a bad hair day! Didnt get close enough to get a good look, but she looked cool from far!

Why I decided to start this blog.....

Well I really want to write a book, but I dont know where to start and I dont think I have enough information to fill one yet! So if I start writing this then I'll have an 'archive' of what I know, and hopefully I will impart some knowledge and plenty of hints and tips and techniques on 'How To' make stuff!
I am a fully qualified Fashion Designer. I have my own label - LiD Designs. I am currently specializing in Millinery and am self teaching myself millinery techniques, so as I learn I can share with you the hits (and the misses!)
I also make bags and jewellery, I love to knit and crochet and felt. I get easily distracted when I see a new technique I want to try (Ive dabbled on so many different things over the last two weeks that I have a load of little piles of half started projects scattered around the room!).
I like to make a fabric from scratch and then manipulate it into an item or garment, its far more satisfying that way!
If anyone wants to know how to do something that perhaps I havent blogged about, please feel free to comment, requesting a tutorial on the subject. I may not know how to do it (yet), but I can probably find out and then we can all learn together!
Ok enough from me now, let me get on and make something!(Or should that be finish off something out of the pile)