Sunday, January 31, 2010

Its Vintage Sunday!

This week I am awaiting delivery of my new Dinette. I love that word (we don't have it in England) It conjures up images of 1950s housewives, with big hair & prim aprons serving a meat & two veg dinner to a husband in a sharp grey tweed suit on a check tablecloth with cutesy Japanese imported condiment servers. Ok, so mine is just a simple small dining table with 4 chairs to fit in our small kitchen to help improve my cooking/dirtypots/clean drying washing up 2 ft square worktop area but hey! So I was looking at quirky cute vintage salt & pepper shakers to furnish this new dining set with a hint of my imaginary 50’s housewife.
Possibly the funniest kitsch find, a big ole turkey on some scales, perfect for Thanksgiving.

And they come apart for the individual shakers.
From Susantique


A shiny toaster, where the shakers are the slices of bread.
And depressing the lever actually POPS the toast!
From mrsItfry

Perfect miniature coffee pots on glowing red burners.
Although wouldn't they be better as sugar & creamer?
From SASSYspaces

And now for the super kitsch all-in-one everything you would ever need, and all set in a picnic bench!
From Thegoodgranny

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