Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Personal Project Wednesday

So a brand new goody arrived in the mail today. Brand new as in new to me, but in reality 96 years old.

I finally managed to score a vintage child’s Singer sewing machine class 20.
It was listed as fully functional but there are 2 vital parts missing, one I can easily get a hold of, but the other is proving harder to research a dealer of.

It needs a good clean, but I should be able to get it up to some kind of sparkly goodness quite soon. The wheel turns extremely smoothly, I thought there may be some gunge or seizing, but no the handle turns like the day it came out of the box.
011 It measures around 7” tall. The foot plate has some chips and dings and the felt is missing from the bottom of the base, and by the looks has been missing for a long time.
022 All of this top bit should be silver under this crud. It even has the spool pin which is missing off a lot of these models, and the tension wheel is still in good nick too.
012 026
The foot will scrub up silver again too and the dog teeth move freely, but the screw that holds the needle in place is missing, but I already have a dealer I can get a new one from :)
017 The major part thats missing is the looper which hooks the thread from underneath and creates the chain stitch, it looks like it sheared off, a tiny remainder is still inside the centre of the round piece in the middle of this pic. This, I can’t find a piece for right now, although I have a clear picture of what it should be like.
Auctiva Image Hosting - Mozilla Firefox 8252010 31605 PM.bmp I want to get it up and working so that I can use it to sew tight, small, fiddly pieces on my hats.
032 020 This wheel, all silver with 8 spokes means it the 1914 model.

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