Sunday, September 14, 2008

Working out how to crochet a mini hat...I'm stuck!

Ok, so today Im trying to figure out how to crochet a mini hat base, similar to the sinamay ones I've used before. Approx 11cm across with a light dome to the centre. I've either gotten too much of a dome too early and therefore it would stick out of the side of the head too far, or the dome starts off gently like I want it to, but then the edge seems to turn up and the piece between the crown centre and the edge dips down. I need to find that happy medium. I've been making it out of Bamboo yarn which can ctreate quite a nice stiff fabric. (Note to self: Get it in Black!) For the Domey version Ive been chaining 3, making a ring, dc x 10 in ring, 2 x dc in each st of nxt row, then do a 2nd dc in join st, then 1 x dc in each of nxt 4 st's, then 2 x dc in 5th st, repeat round ring, then on each row after add 1 to the single dc's ( so the next row has 5, then the next 6 etc, etc). The Turned Up one starts the same as the Domey one, then from the 3rd row I did, 2nd dc in join st, 1 x dc in nxt st, 2 x dc in nxt st, and repeat this all the was round, and then repeat on the next row, then the next etc. Hmmmm will keep on with differing combinations. There has to be one out there! I want to eventually make a mini beret but for now I want little capel style to wear on the side of the head like the 'Cool Girl' from Fridays 'Spot' embellished with self coloured sequins or rhinestones.

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