Tuesday, October 7, 2008

The product I'm loving today is.....

Prym Needlegrabbers
Item no. 611 100 (found in the top left corner of the packet.)
You get 2 small round rubber disc's about the size of a £2 coin. They have a hatch marked surface and are GREAT!
I was abit hesitant at first, but I was trying to neaten up the edge of the wedding hat with bias, and was trying to sew through 5 layers of silk and 5 layers of Sinamay. I had been forcing the needle through with a pair of pliers which was taking a long time.
As instructed I folded th disc in half and gripped the end of the needle and, expecting to face resistance I started to push it into the layers of fabric. To my surprise it entered very smoothly and soon there was enough needle poking out the other side to be able to let go of this side of the needle and grab hold of the new piece and pull the whole thing through with ease, as if I was just sewing through an ordinary double thickness of silk!
At 95p for a pack of 2 from John Lewis in the UK and other Prym suppliers, go try them out! Well worth it for the time and finger saving!

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