Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Tatting to Twitter, one busy week!

Busy busy week! Been setting myself targets (and not meeting them!) all week by drawing up a plan of action for each day.
I have gotten a few items finished and listed on Etsy.
I retaught myself tatting which was tricky to start off, but I soon had the nack of it again. I added several pieces to sosme of the silk eyemasks I have made as way of embellishment.
I've been floating round the forums on Etsy, trying to 'get my name out there'! It's given me a few ideas on places to promote myself, so I've been setting up accounts on different sights.
My latest thing is Twitter, where you just basicaly throw down whatever is happening in the moment. Abit like a blog, but less contrived, more spontanious.
I've already been found by two people after 8hrs. I have put the link on my profile page on Etsy and on here, but I want people to find me out themselves, so Im not going to to shouting out about it everywhere.
The green felted hat below is yet to be emeblished, but check out the pictures above of the Black Widow hat and the two tatted eyemasks that have been the majority of this weeks work.

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