Sunday, November 9, 2008

To sell or not to sell? Part 1

So do I venture into other selling venues?
At the moment fairs are not an option for me, I dont have the correct paperwork yet for starters a few places have a blanket license, but they still prefer you to have your own, and I dont have transport, display aids or signage. Or for that matter, enough stock to sustain a full day!
So, where else can I go?
Well I did Ebay for 4 years, to start off with I did a few auctions, then after 2 years I opened a shop, which was at £6 a month plus 6p per item listing for the month rather than 30p for a max of 10 days per listing worked out a lot cheaper.
There were ups and downs to only selling through a shop, as one of my friends said (and she owned a shop there herself) that she never looked in the shop listings to buy stuff, only the auctions, because at that time it was a seperate page under all the aution listings. I think they now mix all the listing in together.
Also you got to set the price up actually wanted to sell the item for as a Buy It Now price, not start the auction at a low price to entice bids, like an auction would. Good side, you got a half decent price for it, downside, people only want stuff for 99p! So you still couldnt really set a high enough price for your item, and items didnt move very fast tending to sit around in my shop for months on end. I only really had one good selling stretch, christmas 2006, I managed to make about £250 in one month, but other than that it was dribs and drabs.
Handmade items just dont go down all that well on ebay, people want brand names, and brand names for cheap. They dont want to pay retail for an item they could go out and buy in a high street store, and they most definately dont want to pay full price for something someone has made, not matter how qualified and skilled they are.

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