Saturday, November 1, 2008

Felted Crochet - To form or not to form?

Phew! Another busy week. Relly's visiting from abroad, so it was Tourguide Liz for a week! God, you think you have busy life until you have to show people round where you live, then your knackered as hell after day two!
So that put a halt to design and make for 5 days, which was actually abit of a rest! I was eager to get back to it by the end of day 4.
I kept a ball of wool and a crochet hook in my bag for subway trips and got 4 mini beret's worked up and ready for felting. I managed to get hold of and old plastic pot lid which was just the right size for the insides of the berets, so that when they felt down they dont screw up like the first green one did. Although this means I can only felt one at a time (until I get another lid anyway)
The first one twisted slightly, but the second and third turned out well. I didnt put the last two in the tumble dryer, I left them to dry naturally after I had taken the plastic form out of the middle. I pushed the top and bottom apart and gently formed a dome in the top. This has given them a more natural shape, not so forced as the tumble dryed ones. I dont think tumble drying really adds to it. It would only be of use if I was drying larger flatter pieces.

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